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When the prize is a Ring of the Dead , murder is a small price to pay! Stealing the comatose body of Wolfina 's brother and the Ring buried inside it , Balmunk the mystic lures our heroes to his deadly circus, where fire-breathers and knife-throwers await them. Has master swordsman Gamma Akutabi finally met a foe worthy of his skills? As the circus train races across the desert, Wolfina struggles to free her brother's body before it becomes an ingredient in Balmunk's recipe for immortality.

But the ride isn't over yet Volume 3 also includes a special bonus story, "Rune Master Urara"! In the beginning, I was so critical of what I had drawn that I couldn't even bear to look at the finished product. It's only from the third volume onward that I've finally been able to look at my work. Due to these factors, combined with its abrupt and unsatisfactory ending, critics hold that Zombiepowder.

The zombie powder is a life-giving substance that can imbue an individual with limitless life force , grant them immortality, and even raise people from the dead.

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Zombie powder can only be obtained from the Rings of the Dead. These rings are dangerous magical artifacts that, individually, devour the life force of anyone they touch, rendering them comatose. This stolen life energy is converted into the zombie powder, which can only be extracted if twelve Rings of the Dead are brought together.

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The story begins with young pickpocket John Elwood Shepherd befriending powder hunter Gamma Akutabi after a botched attempt to rob him. Gamma is a highly wanted criminal who possesses one Ring of the Dead. Another member of the local gang for which Elwood works sees the two together and assumes that Elwood is harboring the criminal in hopes of turning him in for his substantial bounty.

The gang attacks Elwood's home, and Gamma comes to the rescue, but not before Elwood's sister, Sheryl, is slain by the gang's leader. Following the gang attack, Elwood decides to accompany Gamma in his powder hunting in hopes of resurrecting Sheryl. After leaving Elwood's hometown, the pair meet up with Gamma's long-time partner C. Smith, another wanted powder hunter.

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Smith has infiltrated the ranks of Ash Daughter, a gang which has found a Ring of the Dead. The three challenge the gang's leader, Ranewater Calder, and Gamma slays Calder using his mastery of the fictional sword art karin zanjutsu , a martial art which grants its users pyrokinesis. Elwood, Gamma, and Smith thereby gain a second Ring of the Dead, concluding the first arc and volume of the series. The remaining three volumes concern themselves with the battle for a third ring, which has been embedded for years in the body of a comatose young man named Emilio Lufas Getto.

Gamma and company learn of Emilio's existence from his sister Wolfina, a tabloid photojournalist and vigilante who does not believe in the Rings of the Dead. The group of hunters offer to restore Emilio to consciousness in exchange for the ring he contains.

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Before they can do so, however, Emilio is kidnapped by Balmunk the Mystic, a powder hunting magician who leads a circus-themed gang. Wolfina teams up with Elwood, Gamma, and Smith to retrieve Emilio, and they succeed in doing so after a number of battles with Balmunk's henchmen. The conflict culminates in a fight between Gamma and a giant golem summoned by Balmunk, which Gamma defeats with the help of a berserk state.

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  • Balmunk is beaten but not killed, and departs, swearing revenge upon Gamma. After rescuing Emilio, Gamma arranges to have the Ring of the Dead removed from his body by an old friend, mad scientist Nazna Gemini.

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    The characters are brought to Gemini's lab by Angelle Cooney, a young girl with the power of teleportation. Once there, Gemini agrees to operate to remove the ring from Emilio in exchange for a year of experimentation rights on Wolfina. Due to the series' early cancellation, Zombiepowder. The final chapter shows Gamma and Smith leaving Elwood and Wolfina behind as they depart the Gemini Laboratory, whose staff have just begun the operation to save Emilio.

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    It is left ambiguous whether Elwood chooses to follow Gamma and Smith, stay with Wolfina and Emilio, or become a powder hunter in his own right. Smith C. According to Tite Kubo, Zombiepowder. It did star a version of Gamma, however, who still bore an over-sized sword and bounty, and featured scifi technologies.

    According to the author's commentary in the cover leaf of the third volume, Tite Kubo was in a state of severe emotional trauma when he wrote it, and only began to be happy with the quality of the series as it neared its ending. The series was collected into four volumes, published in in Japan. A French-language edition began publication through Tonkam in The Viz Media releases preserve the Japanese reading order and overlay the visual sound effects with equivalent English text.

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    The English lettering was criticized for being overly large, which Anime News Network thought made the characters appear to be shouting at inappropriate moments. The cover of the second manga volume, which featured an illustration of C. Smith holding a gun to his own head, was replaced in the English edition with new art of Gamma in sunglasses. The second volume placed in the top graphic novels for Christmas Critical reception of Zombiepowder. Had the freshman author been serialized in a less prominent magazine, asserts Gorban, Zombiepowder.

    Reception for individual elements of Zombiepowder. The series premise of seeking magical items was criticized as cliche by ANN and IGN, [1] [13] but deemed sufficient for the needs of the story by AMO, [2] and the parasitic nature of the rings and zombie powder themselves were complimented by MangaCast and IGN for lending suspense to the plot.

    Of all the elements of the series, Zombiepowder. The battle scenes were criticized for their unsophisticated art by Anime News Network , with rough drawings and few backgrounds, [1] though in its second review ANN noted a guiding philosophy to the background omission: elements of the scene which were not props in the fight faded out whenever action began. They ultimately concluded the action was handled better than average, but with the disclaimer that the action was "the entire sum and substance" of the series.

    Sitting there and just reading it without thinking is fine. But if you ever feel like it please try to use your mind as you read," [40] and said that if this advice was taken Zombiepowder. Cover of Zombiepowder.