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Notify me of new posts via email. It will soon be time to start thinking about our cakes and puddings!

C xxxx PS: Click on the pictures below and they will open up as a larger image xxx Advertisements. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel. When I see the stuff people have in their supermarket trolleys, all the ready-made meals and prepared vegetables, not to mention the wildly exotic things and the green beans flown half way around the world, it makes me wonder how we have gone so wrong with our food.

Carrots in the Christmas pud: How wartime cooks made do - BBC News

I think a modern version of the wartime diet would be good for all of us. I also look askance at the loaded supermarket trolleys, and wonder just how we would manage on rations nowadays, and whether we have the culinary eduction to be inventive in the kitchen with the small amounts of rationed fat, sugar, meat, tea and sweets etc. Such a lovely traditional looking meal, you have made Karen. That steamed pudding looks great!

The Supersizers Go... Wartime (Part 1)

Thanks Janice! I was also VERY taken with your lovely sausage pie on your post today……very tasty, and if we were closer, I could swap some of my eggs with you, as I notice you have used your weekly allowance already! Such an interesting post and such a good idea, I really enjoyed reading this and I so look forward to seeing how you get on this week!

Wartime Christmas recipes

Thanks Kathryn, it will be interesting, and a little humbling too, when you think of all the food waste we have nowadays! What a fantastic idea! I have been planning on blogging something similar since watching Wartime Farm and a visit to Bletchley Park. Will be watching your progress with real interest. Good Luck! I have been planning on blogging something similar on a much smaller scale since watching Wartime Farm and a visit to Bletchley Park. Thanks so much! Do keep coming back to see how the week progresses……Karen. Eggs were in the form of powder—not a great success for cake making.

Was not sure when buying Rabbit that it was not Cat so many went missing. Lining up for an hour or so waiting for your turn at the butchers, only to find the piece you had your eye on was sold and you got what was left, if any. As a kid the big treat was a bottle of Tizer and a jam sandwich for a pinic over the park that was full of bard wirer. I also did not enjoy the Pom potatos that was closer to wall paper glue and gravy that could be cut via a knife and the extra meat found in the cauliflower that was school lunch. The up side to all this Yes we were slimmer and healther for it.

Do I wish to repeat it sorry No I will stick to my veggie diet but will be interested in your results. As an aside the last item to come off of rationing was sweets wherein the shops were sold out within minutes, so the govenment put them back on again for another few years. Adults received 4ozs and in my home the kids got 2ozs per week. I would buy the bar of chocolate by Cadbury that had 6 squares all with differet filling so I got to eat one per day, provided my siblings did not find my hiding place first.

I read them all with great interest, and there were some familiar sentiments in your reply that I often hear my mum and dad talk about! I have several Marguerite Patten books on wartime recipes, which, as you say have proved to be VERY informative and helpful. I hope you will pop by daily to see how I am doing, and if you have any recipes or meal ideas, I would love to hear them!

I am old enough to remember almost everything you have written. We lived in the colonies as they were called but we still did without and made do! I do agree with you that the waste we see today is shocking. I loved the Wartime Farm series and I think it was a fantastic eye-opener to the amount of food one person had on rations and the creativity needed to make the most of what they had.

As a result I now plan our weekly menu and food buying which makes you very aware of the price of everything and gets you into a do-we-really-need-that mentality. We have an allotment so we are able to supplement our food shop with some of our own veg and I think we save money through making our own bread, pastry, jam, snacks such as homemade granola bars, chicken stock etc.

Hello Kim, so nice to meet you, and I am delighted that you have found my first post interesting. And also rather humbling when you see how little we all had to live on and how hard we all worked, and as a team too.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed the book and will be covering the book later on in the week. What I have enjoyed with the WW2 diet is the abundance of veggies used in all the recipes, fillers and healthy too! Thanks Sandi, I am posting a new article every day for a week, with recipes and photos, so I hope you will find them all interesting.

Karen, I discovered your WW2 rationing challenge via Twitter. Good luck with the coming week! I also hope that the recent Wartime Farm series inspires more people to adopt more of the wartime resourcefulness. I have unofficially adopted WW2 clothing rationing this year as an experiment. As for the food rationing, I am surreptitiously phasing wartime quantities and practices in at home — bit by bit without labouring it. Whilst saving pennies in these frugal times is a consideration, the rationale for limiting our meat, eggs and animal fats are as relevant today as during the war.

With a growing population there is such competition for agricultural land globally that growing grains for animal fodder for a animal protein-based diet is becoming increasingly untenable. Hello Meg, and thanks so much for your comments……well said, and I agree with so many of the points that you have made.

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  • I am very much treating this a creative as well as thrifty way of using less food in my daily menu, as well being healthier with less meat, sugar and fat and with more vegetables, which, luckily I like. And, it also tasted delicious……not at all bland as I had expected. I am not a huge meat eater anyway, so the meat ration, as well as the sugar and fat ration, will not impact on me that much, although, I do love baking, so there may be a problem there — but I have a few egg free and fat free recipes lined up.

    I am very interested to hear about your unofficial WW2 clothes rationing project, how are you managing?

    A window into the Canadian experience during the world wars

    It is all fascinating, and very relevant to today I feel. Many thanks once again for your interesting input, and I hope you will find the rest of my week of rationing interesting. I am really liking the challenge, and I have discovered some fascinating recipes in old recipe books, and in ministry of food leaflets. What an absolutely fascinating thing to do! I will certainly be following your progress. Good luck for the rest of this week!


    This is brilliant Karen. Can you tell me how many servings the sausage roll is supposed to be? This brings back memories of my gran who I loved dearly. She was the reason I started my blog. She used to tell me stories on how she used to sew the uniforms for the soldiers. She would always tell us not to waste food and make sure to finish everything on the plate and now I understand.