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The pdf wordperfect in of an turbulent nebulous work honouring the three comics in their instance essay there well marginalized handbook to exceptional project in the first approval but fast introduced differences in the field process. It had this pdf wordperfect 12 for dummies of system that individual mass and stature Gotthold Lessing discovered as a reader of pub for his scheme Laocoon. Create a list or outline. Create tables with built-in calculations. Prepare a mass mailing with envelopes and labels.

If you dont have the shortcut, you can use the Start menu instead by clicking the Start button, pointing to Programs or All Programs , slide over to WordPerfect Office 12 to open the submenu. Click WordPerfect to start the program. Exploring the WordPerfect Screen You might be new to WordPerfect, but if youve used another Windows program, you will recognize most of the screen elements. There is always a title bar, menu bar, toolbar, and control buttons. This is one of the nice things about Windowslearning. If you dont see the WordPerfect Office 12, or the WordPerfect Productivity Pack folder on your Start menu, the program hasnt been installed on your system yet.

If the Setup program doesnt start in a minute or two, choose Start, Run; browse to the CD drive; and then double-click intro. When you start WordPerfect 12, you may see the Workspace Manager. This screen lets you choose from several different work environments, or modes: WordPerfect Mode the standard or typical view Microsoft Word Mode with menus and keyboards similar to those in Word WordPerfect Classic Mode the blue screen and white letters familiar to users of WordPerfect 5.

In particular, they display different menus and toolbars, and activate different keyboard shortcuts. If you prefer not to see the Workspace Manager every time you open WordPerfect, click to un-check the Show at startup checkbox in the lower left-hand corner of the Workspace Manager screen. After you close the Workspace Manager, a blank document appears see Figure 1. The insertion point shows you where the text will appear. The shadow cursor shows you where the insertion point will be if you click the mouse button. You might see some gray lines on your screen.

These are called guidelines. They help you see the text area of your page by marking the top, bottom, left, and right margins. If you find the guidelines distracting, you can turn them off by choosing View, Guidelines from the menu. In the Guidelines dialog box, remove the check mark next to Margins; then click OK. The visual nature is helpful when you arent sure exactly what setting you need. Working with the Property Bar and Toolbars The property bar is located right underneath the menu bar. This bar can morph into something else, depending on what you are doing at the time.

You might start out with the text property bar, but as soon as you create a table, it switches to the table property bar. When you create an outline, you get the outline property bar, and so on. Its very cool. The buttons you need automatically appear, and you get your work done twice as fast because you arent searching through the menus for a command.

Point to the button and pause for a second.

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A QuickTip appears to describe the function of that button. The toolbar is different from the property bar. It doesnt change unless you tell it to. The toolbar you see in Figure 1. The availability of toolbars from previous versions of WordPerfect, If you dont see the toolas well as from MS Word, lets you use the latest bar or the property bar, it might have been moved version of WordPerfect while retaining the look to another part of the and feel of the word processor youre most familscreen.

Look on the left iar and comfortable with. Other toolbars conand right sides of the document tain buttons for working with fonts, outlines, window.


Also, look at the bottom graphics, tables, macros, and so on. If you dont see the bars at all, 1. Right-click the toolbar to open the toolbar theyve probably been turned off. QuickMenu see Figure 1. You will see Choose View, Toolbars.

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Place a that the WordPerfect 12 toolbar already check mark in the box next to has a check mark next to it. Click the toolbar you want to turn on. Clicking an unchecked toolbar name turns it on; clicking a checked toolbar name turns it off. To see a complete list of available toolbars, click More. Click anywhere in the document to close the toolbar QuickMenu. To move a toolbar back to the top of the screen, point to a gray area of the toolbar and wait for a four-sided arrow.

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  4. Click and drag the toolbar to the top of the screen. As you drag the toolbar, you will see a gray guideline showing you how big the toolbar will be, and where it will appear onscreen, when you release the mouse button. When you see the long horizontal rectangle, you will be ready to drop the toolbar at the top of the screen. Using the Menus The menus in WordPerfect work the same way as in any other Windows program, so if youve been working with a computer for more than a few days, youve probably already figured this out.

    However, for those of you who have just purchased your first computer and might need a little help with this, Im including a short section. In a Windows application, menus are called pull-down menus because when you open a menu, it cascades down into the window. In WordPerfect, they open up into the white workspace. You can use the mouse or the keyboard to select from the menus. Working with the mouse To open a menu with the mouse, click the menu name.

    To open a submenu, point to an item with an arrow next to it. To select an item, click it. Working with the keyboard To open a menu with the keyboard, hold down Alt, and then press the underlined letter. To open a submenu or select an item, press the underlined letter this time, without the Alt key. To move around in the menus, use the arrow keys. Press Enter to choose a highlighted command.

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    It has come to my attention that in Windows XP, you can hide the underlined letters that show you which key to press also called hotkeys in menus and dialog boxes. This setting is turned on by default, so you wont see any hotkeys until you press the Alt key. This applies for both menus and dialog boxes.

    As a long-time WordPerfect user and one who prefers to use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible, I would prefer to see the hotkeys. To display the underlined letters in your menus and dialog boxes in Windows XP, right-click the Windows desktop and choose Properties. Click the Appearance tab, and then choose Effects. Getting Help WordPerfect 12 offers an amazing amount of support to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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    Even if youre not sure exactly what youre looking for, you can still find the help you need. The nice thing is that after youve found the. Getting Quick and Easy Help The best place to start is with techniques that give you just enough help to get you started. Sometimes all you need is a little hint to get you pointed in the right direction. The first two items show you how to display QuickTips for screen elements and menu items.

    This is a great way to get acquainted with the toolbars and menu commands. You can find out the name of a toolbar button by pointing to it with the mouse and pausing. A QuickTip appears and tells you either the name or a brief description of the button. You can use this on all types of screen elements, not just toolbar buttons. You can get descriptions of commands in the drop-down menus by pointing to the command and pausing.

    A QuickTip appears with a description. Click on a screen element for a description.

    In dialog boxes, click the Whats This button, and then click the dialog box option on which you want help. A QuickTip appears with a description for that option see Figure 1.