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Then they—the four men—rose their swords together against the Guards. It was the start of the unbreakable friendship between the four men. In the meantime, France was torn between loyalty to the King or to the Cardinal. Our four heroes were all in the midst of political intrigues, heroic battles, and also amorous adventures. In fact, my second experience in reading The Three Musketeers is more enjoyable than the first one. It felt funnier in many parts and the story is more engaging.

The Odyssey & Three Musketeers: Graphic Novels from Usborne Books & More

I guess the style of translation affects the sense of the story and the enjoyment in reading, for I first read it in a translated version into Indonesian language and this time I read it in English. The illustrations made this book even more collectible. And if you wonder if I would want to reread The Three Musketeers in the words of Alexandre Dumas himself, then my answer is yes. When Athos saw the need of a private conference between him and his three friends, he made a wager with people at the inn that the four of them would have breakfast at the bastion St. Gervais for at least an hour, no matter what the enemy would do to dislodge them.

Truly you are a great man.

It is now three years, madame, since I saw you first, and during those three years I have loved you. You need give yourselves no more uneasiness about this. Let us go and be killed.

The Three Musketeers (King's Musketeers, book 1) by Alexandre Dumas

I read this book together with Fanda , Althesia , and Maria. This is what I realized only in the second reading. Like Like. Oh yes Dumas was witty. Buku edisi bergambarnya bagus ya.. Itu si Duke of Buckingham pas nyatain cintanya ke Anne btw si Duke nasibnya tragis banget ya, beda sama di film malah jadi karakter antagonis. Maybe there is someone who can translate this into Indonesian the better way, and is able to capture the wittiness of Dumas, who knows…. Reblogged this on Baca Klasik.

The Three Musketeers is such a fabulous tale. I much prefer adult version to those adapted for children. It will take epic courage, chivalry, and skill to thwart the plots against them and achieve victory at last.

Classic Starts (R): The Three Musketeers : Retold from the Alexandre Dumas Original

He lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York. Alexandre Dumas.

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The Three Musketeers

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