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Taking food public: Redefining foodways in a changing world, , Taking food public: redefining foodways in a changing world, , African American foodways: Explorations of history and culture, , Cooking lessons: The politics of gender and food.

Routledge international handbook of food studies, , Articles 1—20 Show more. Help Privacy Terms.

Cultural geographies in practice: the South Central Farm: dilemmas in practicing the public L Lawson cultural geographies 14 4 , , Chicken and chains: Using African American foodways to understand black identities P Williams-Forson African American foodways: Explorations of history and culture, , Do the hands that feed us hold us back?

The role of women as food providers and agents of change is explored by several authors.

Articles address the role of corporations and agro-business and small-scale suppliers as well as urban gardens and foragers. The role of Mexican women cooking in their own businesses, in public kitchens, is the focus of one article.

Psyche Williams-Forson

Food consumption from the point of view of race and socio-economic standing is the subject of the following seven articles. Other pieces in this section address topics ranging from habits of black New Yorkers to low-income homes in upstate New York to dumpster diving among Australian youth. Gender identity as expressed through food practices is another theme that emerges here. The movements of peoples in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries are the overall focus of articles in the diaspora section.

Food, here, is explored as an important identity marker. Globalization again is served up by several authors as formerly regional foods find their way to the market, home, and table. Hers is an intensely personal contribution about a complex lifestyle or life-ways of which food is a part. The ten articles in the fifth section of the book look at activism; the authors here consider how individual and collective efforts can change the ways in which food is produced, distributed, and consumed.

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Psyche Williams-Forson | Department of American Studies

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Psyche Williams-Forson: African-American Food Culture (Trailer)

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