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Binx Box is a US-based bi-monthly subscription box. They are one of the more well-known of the rabbit subscription boxes in North America and they specialize in just bunnies so they know their stuff. These guys are serious about the health and happiness of your beloved bunny, so all ingredients and toys are natural and well-researched for bunny compatibility.

Binx Box is a quality choice to make your soft little fuzz ball a happy clucking bunny. Pawtyfun is affiliated to shelters, non-profits and rescue organization across the US, so each subscription helps a furry friend find a forever home. Neat, we love extras! The Happy Bunny Club has a rather loyal following of house bunnies so they must be doing something right.

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Happy Bunny Club is also affiliated with charities that help bunnies and other pets find forever homes, so you can rest assured that the natural treats you get your little rascal is helping other bunnies too. They are a smaller outfit than some of the other companies, but owner Bunny Bennett is a veterinarian so we can feel good about his product selections for the boxes.

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And, with a vet in charge of selection, the BFF box is one of the only subscription that sometimes includes vitamins. Each month, you will get between four and six products ranging from toys and treats to vitamins. Wow, Barks and Bunnies really go all out on their subscription plans!

You get to choose a package especially for your little Thumper, specifically aimed at either digestive health, relaxation or premium products. As you might suspect from their name, this company also offers unique multi-pet options such as a box with both dog and bunny products combined into one shipment.

Products & Services

Even with a higher shipping cost, the low cost of their boxes keep the overall cost reasonable. With all the customization options, you can make sure your little fluff ball gets only the best toys, treats and herbs especially customized to his or her personal preferences.

The number of goodies in your box would depend on the type of box you purchase. Because of all the options, these boxes are a good choice for those of you with particularly picky rabbits. Bunnies That Lunch is yet another UK-based rabbit subscription box. What is it about the United Kingdom that make pet rabbits such a popular pet to pamper? Although the company that makes Bunnies That Lunch also has subscription boxes for dogs and subscription boxes for cats, they got started in the bunny box business. This means they really know their stuff on products for house bunnies.

Preparing the box

This makes Bunnies that Lunch one of the more expensive options for US and Canadian consumers, however, you do get what you pay for with a generous number of items and quality product brands. Chris Rosenzweig writes… I read the article about toys, and I have an additional suggestion. We started with a large cardboard box about two feet by three feet and eighteen inches high.

Then we added layers of flattened cardboard boxes to the bottom until the pile was about three inches thick.

How a Rabbit box works by on Prezi

We also put a smaller box inside the larger box. Our male rabbit seems most interested in taking down the walls. Our female rabbit loves digging through the layers of cardboard at the bottom. The little box inside is open on one side, so they can crawl around inside that as well.

Rabbit Box Storytelling

One thing to keep in mind is the placement of the doors. In our first attempt at a bunny box, the little box inside was large enough to cover up both doorways.

One of our rabbits moved the box and cut off his access to both doorways. Of course we rescued our sweet, frantic bunny and added some additional escape routes. Our current bunny box is low enough to the ground so that they can jump on top of it and play up there as well. Linda Springer writes… I had the fortune to help my neighbor with some baby bunnies before they were adopted out.

Their favorite toy was a shoebox in which I had cut little windows and doors, leaving the flaps as awnings.

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