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Ideal for complete beginners, this course comprises a book and audio support which is easy to download to your computer or MP3 player. Dr Catrine Carpenter was born and educated in France and now teaches French at university level. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Hodder Education. Condition: Brand New. International Edition. Book Condition: New. Exceptional customer Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed. We may ship the books from Asian regions for inventory purpose.

Seller Inventory praksh More information about this seller Contact this seller. Condition: New. Seller Inventory M Book Description Hodder Educ, Mixed media product. French language.

Bite-sized French lessons. Fun, effective, and 100% free.

In Stock. Seller Inventory zk Book Description If you are an absolute beginner or simply looking for a solid foundation to your language studies for school, work or travel, this engaging course will help get you on your way to speaking, writing,. That is because their program is organized in 60 units that can be completed in 15 minutes each.

The book is organized by practical themes, and it is based on simple but real everyday conversations. If you purchase the complete package you also receive a pocket-sized visual French phrase book and a guide to basic French grammar. You can also download two free apps that accompany the pack, with lots of audio that can help you practice your listening and speaking skills.

Instead of just containing information about the French language, this book also provides lots of tips on how to better learn the language, such as help creating study schedules, different tricks and resources that you can use to accelerate your learning, how to stay motivated, and how to appreciate different sources of French like those that are found in the media. Therefore, it is more of a study guide than just a French textbook. So if you want a book that can help you get organized and make a plan for your French language learning experience, this might be the right book for you.

This program has materials for learning several different languages.

  1. Learn French From Scratch: The Utimate Guide For Beginners.
  2. Get Started In: Beginner Courses | Teach Yourself;
  3. The Crusades: The authoritative history of the war for the Holy Land!

Their methodology was originally created for the U. Department of State but is now widely for learning foreign languages. The Living Language French, Complete Edition course goes from beginner to advanced level, and it includes three coursebooks, nine audio CDs and online learning material.

The book includes 46 lessons with review exercises and culture notes, a glossary, and a grammar summary. The audio CDs include vocabulary, dialogues, and audio exercises, and the online material includes flashcards, games, and interactive quizzes.

The Living Language Method promotes learning essential words and phrases in order to be able to communicate from the start, and slowly build up your grammar and vocabulary to be able to have more advanced conversations. Share Flipboard Email.

Fler böcker av Catrine Carpenter

Buy on Amazon. Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. Forgetting is simply part of the learning process so don't get too down or frustrated when things don't stick right away. Accept that you are allowed to forget things and your learning will be much faster. Aim for clear and intelligible pronunciation and leave it at that.

Get Started in Beginner's French: Teach Yourself : Catrine Carpenter :

Over time, your pronunciation will continue to improve but this takes months and months of using the language regularly. One important thing about learning a language is that it must come from the learner, not the teacher. This means you will need the necessary tools to learn, and a good beginner course is indispensable. You'll listen to and read your first book in French, and our expert French teacher Diane, will help uncover the grammar and vocabulary in the story, chapter by chapter.

By the time you've finished, you'll be a confident and well-rounded French speaker, ready to begin working with intermediate level material. The course will be available in May To register your interest in enrolling, click here. Right from the beginning, you should concentrate on mastering the basics of French pronunciation, as well as the basic words and phrases you need to get by in basic conversations. As you quickly progress from absolute zero to being able to manage in an ever-increasing number of situations, you will feel a great sense of progress and achievement that will encourage you to keep going.

When learning a language, it is extremely important not to become disheartened or you'll want to give up.

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  • Be aware of the progress you are making and feel good about it! What you do need to do is identify the key phrases you're most likely to use and memorise those instead. When you want to ask what something is, this is what you say. Learn how to pronounce it correctly, practice saying it and accept it as it is. The grammar will start to make sense later on, but for now, just focus on getting started and learning to use the language as much as possible. There are certain key words and phrases that will give you a huge head start in conversational French.

    Learn these first and you'll be surprised how much you can communicate in a short period of time. However, you should always remember one thing: you can say everything with vocabulary and nothing with grammar. But if you know lots of words and very little grammar, you will probably still be able to make yourself understood. Instead, focus on being very attentive as you listen to the language or read it.

    If you do this, you'll soon start to notice the main grammatical patterns becoming clear. Try and pick up the grammar through context and use the patterns you identify.

    1 Hour of Daily French Conversations - French Practice for Beginners

    Of course, you will make mistakes in grammar and this is a good thing. After all, making mistakes is how we learn. And remember, even native speakers make mistakes in grammar, just think of some native English speakers! The final and most important step in learning any language is that you must practise using it.

    You can study every day alone with a book and CDs for six months but you'll still struggle to communicate unless you practice speaking. If you live in a French-speaking country it should be easy to find language exchange partners this way. And even if you live outside of France, you'll likely find lots of French speakers to practice with as it's such a global language.

    There are also a number of language exchange apps which you can use to find language partners from around the world. This means it's easy to find language partners to practice with online even if you can't find an in-person meet-up. My personal favourite is italki.

    Now that you're ready to start learning French, these are my recommended resources to learn as quickly as possible. The most important thing is just to start. You will learn about modern France and gain a better understanding of French culture and the French way of life. And if you plan to use French for business you'll also gain a greater understanding for and respect from your French-speaking business partners. One final word of advice: when learning any language daily practice is key. Practising for a short amount of time every day is much better than practising for 3 or 4 hours once a week.

    Beginner's French (Teach Yourself Books)

    Make French a part of your daily life and you will be amazed at how quickly you progress. You can click here to send a Tweet! I know this is a long post and it's difficult to take everything in all at once. That's why I've created a special PDF version of this article which you can download and refer to any time you need it!

    Click here to download the PDF version for free. I've created a range of high-quality learning materials to help you achieve fluency in French, whether you're at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Learn to speak French like a local and create your ideal life with my exciting new programme to learn French the right way, driven by the power of story! Click read more to register your interest in the course.

    Conversations is a story told in 20 parts through dialogues that use real, natural French. If you want to learn to understand the kind of French you hear in real-life, Conversations is for you. We're just getting started! Learn French.