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Although not as current, this text is an informative alternative to Szallasi et al. Segel's textbook uses in-depth, historical examples to illustrate key concepts in the formulation and analysis of biological systems. Most of the analysis techniques described are better suited for small or reduced models rather than complicated physicochemical models. This book covers a wide range of topics, from stochastic modelling and simulation to parameter estimation. The material in this book is self-contained, but it assumes basic knowledge in algebra and calculus.

Although a little out of date, this remains the textbook by which others are judged.

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The treatment of basic cell biology is very strong, but equations that are common to biochemistry and enzyme mechanisms are dealt with only superficially. This text provides a rigorous treatment of basic concepts in genetics. It is a good introductory textbook for modellers, presenting materials such as the structure of genes and genomes, principles of genetic inheritance, regulation of gene transcription and mutagenesis both spontaneous and targeted.

For systems biologists, its primary weakness is a lack of quantitative rigor. This well illustrated book presents classical biochemistry topics, such as enzyme mechanics and enzyme kinetics, metabolism and catabolism, in an accessible format. It is a useful textbook for systems biologists who lack formal training in biochemistry but who build mechanistic or metabolic models. It generally treats each subject with less detail, but includes more of the introductory basic principles.

This text is an introduction to the application of physics to biological problems. It is written to serve both physicists and biologists, and assumes knowledge of basic calculus.

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This book provides a short, lively and clear introduction to some diffusion-related problems that are relevant to biology, and their mathematical treatment. Topics include random motion of macromolecules and organelles, chromatography, sedimentation and bacterial motility. This highly accessible introduction to practical laboratory procedures is ideal for students or faculty who are new to experimental biology.

It includes all of the information on instruments, making solutions, performing procedures and so on that are left out of standard protocols. These multi-volume books also available on CD are part of a series of comprehensive multi-author guides to laboratory procedure.

Current Protocols are updated quarterly, giving them a contemporary feel that is absent from traditional volumes such as Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual Sambrook, J. The commentary sections in each chapter are particularly helpful in their discussion of the conceptual basis, and potential pitfalls, of common procedures. Although a little out of date, this text is a very practical guide to the generation and use of antibodies. It presents sufficient background information so that the reader can appreciate the pros and cons of different assays and select the most appropriate protocols.

This textbook will be very useful for scientists that use imaging to generate data for systems analysis. It presents a thorough discussion of methodologies and applications, including both their advantages and limitations. An alternative to Goldman and Spector, this book also covers a number of modes of microscopy, and treats the quantitative limits of data from digital light microscopes.

This is a standard, comprehensive and accessible optics textbook that covers a broad range of topics including diffraction and Fourier optics. Hecht provides mathematical and physical fundamentals for imaging and microscopy techniques. This book is the first of a series of three by Tufte also including Envisioning Information and Visual Explanation that explain best practices for the graphical representation of multivariate data.

Through the use of many examples and counter-examples, Tufte beautifully illustrates the communicative power of information design. This elementary text on linear algebra and differential equations uses many application-oriented examples. It is a good starting point for those that are unfamiliar with mathematical jargon and approaches.

A standard in applied math, this book covers a broad range of topics such as linear algebra, differential equations, numerical methods, Fourier analysis and optimization. Strang is fast-paced and packed with information, and might be hard going for biologists who are new to applied mathematics. This standard mathematics text for engineers focuses on practical, applied and engineering mathematics.

An excellent reference for transforms Laplace and Fourier , partial differential equations and complex analysis, it is well suited for readers who are comfortable with calculus and differential equations. Kaplan and Glass provide a clear and concise introduction to concepts of nonlinear dynamics in a book written for life scientists with basic mathematical training. The book introduces finite-difference and differential equations and concepts of stability, multistability, cellular automata, fractals and chaos.

This book is an easy-to-read introduction to many basic concepts in dynamic systems, including steady-state and stability analysis, bifurcations and chaos. Systems biologists will probably find this book more conceptually, rather than practically, useful, as the examples focus on very small two- or three-dimensional dynamic systems. This dense book is appropriate for readers who are already comfortable with basic dynamic systems and mathematics.

Dynamics of Biological Systems Chapman & Hall CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology

It is a more complete reference for local bifurcation and chaos theory than the Strogatz text. Sheshkin is a solid reference for statistical analysis and provides practical advice on selecting a statistical test appropriate to a particular type of data and hypothesis.

Computational Systems Biology of Cancer

More than statistical procedures are presented in a well organized compendium. This book discusses Monte Carlo methods for computing posterior quantities using samples from the posterior distribution. It presents both theory and real applications. It assumes that the reader is familiar with statistical inference and Bayesian theory.

Cancer Systems Biology - CRC Press Book

This text presents tools for analysis and model-building from multivariate data sets. Although intended for industrial food scientists and deriving its examples from industry, it is accessible to life scientists without formal training in linear algebra or statistics.

This textbook presents many linear regression methods and related diagnostics. It requires minimal mathematical knowledge and is therefore easily accessible to life scientists without formal mathematical training. This book provides a broad and comprehensive discussion of nonlinear regression techniques. It is more mathematical than Kleinbaum et al. Easy to read yet rich in concepts, Introduction to Algorithms is the standard algorithms text for computer-science students.

It offers essential concepts in programming for systems biologists who need to write their own programs, including: functions, recursion, trees, sorting, data structures and graphs. This is a classic reference for programmers, known for providing well designed and efficient algorithms. My account E-alert sign up Register Subscribe. Textbooks for systems biologists. Systems biology — general textbooks General biology, biochemistry and biophysics Laboratory practice Applied mathematics Systems biology — general textbooks Edelstein-Keshet, L.

Mathematical Models in Biology Cambridge University Press, This book features easily accessible and engaging biological examples and is a good choice for those new to modelling. Alon, U. Szallasi, Z. System Modeling in Cellular Biology MIT Press, This book is an excellent collection of review articles that address issues faced by practicing systems biologists. Upload PDF. Follow this author. New articles by this author. New citations to this author. New articles related to this author's research.

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Integrative analysis of omics data for cancer research

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