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NET application architecture and design, I spent hours hunting for a book that would explain all I needed to know. I wanted one that focused on ASP. NET, with its special demands, rather than a general. NET development book. I wanted a book that would explain what layers and tiers were, and how I should separate code out to make it more scalable and reusable.

I wanted a book that would explain how I could take my skills to the next level. I couldn't find one. There was a big gap in the market. Vivek Thakur has attempted to fill this gap, with this apty named title: ASP. NET related technology.

ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design

Authors all over the place are burning the midnight oil, cursing the changes from one CTP to the next, through to Betas and hoping against hope that the Release Candidates and final RTMs aren't stuffed with "breaking changes" which inevitably mean total rewrites of whole sections or chapters in their draft. And then the race between the publishers is on, as each tries to get their offer to market before the others.

Here, I look at three of the titles that were published around the time that ASP. Net ASP. Over the years, I have picked up and read many Beginners books that attempt to get someone started on the road to building web sites with ASP. Nearly all of them assumed that their readers know more than they might. Some of them seem to assume that all readers are upgrading from one version of the. I well remember being frustrated with my first book, in that it didn't give me enough basic information to get started with web development, let alone web development with ASP.

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